“ NO-AD is an anti-consumerism project organised by the artist Vermibus.
The goal of the project is to reduce the impact of advertisement citizens are exposed to, by removing the advertisment.
It is based on the project “Buy Nothing Day”, founded by the artist Ted Dave, in which participants abstain from buying anything during 24 hours.
Vermibus goes a step backwards in the consumption process. He reduces the advertisement impact by releasing the space intended to display it and leaving it empty.


Thomas von Wittich & Just

Xar Lee & Infinity 33

The team, formed by two photographers and two video cameras, documented the whole ten-hour intervention, during which more than 30 posters were removed from the biggest consumer areas of Berlin. These spaces remained free of advertisement for several days due to the lack of stock of the advertiser “Wall Decaux”.

Xar Lee & Infinity 33

Maya Filipic
- Stories from Emona I

Photos by: Just